2016 Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class Walk Around

One of the first models to adopt the coupe-sedan concept, the Mercedes-Benz CLS remains among the best examples. Despite being last updated for 2012, the coupe-like look of this four-door is far from outmoded. Tradition-minded critics have uttered some harsh words about calling four-door cars coupes, but other automakers, including Audi and BMW, have embraced the idea.

Basically, a long, arching curve defines the car’s silhouette. Short overhangs, front and rear, intensify the sleek coupe-like profile. Only up front is the CLS starting to look a trifle past its prime, though the clean, sharp front-end lines reveal a kinship to its E-Class cousin and the entire Mercedes-Benz family.

Pay a hefty premium for a carbon-fiber package, and the CLS looks even more menacing. AMG models reach further into audacious form, brandishing larger air intakes and more aerodynamic elements.


Adapting themes from the latest C-Class and S-Class, the CLS interior is defiantly upscale. Trim elements in genuine wood and rich metal add to the luxurious nature of the cabin.

Up front, the interior presents a welcoming appearance. Roomy and comfortable bucket seats offer ample adjustment for taller occupants. In upper trim levels, active bolstering hugs passengers during cornering, providing even greater support.

Back seats are snugger, causing taller passengers to feel cramped. Inevitably, a swooping roofline comes at a price. Headroom is sacrificed, even if average-size adults fit in back fairly readily.

Leather upholstery is standard. Plastic elements are high-quality, while display screens qualify as stunning. For 2016, Mercedes has made Nappa leather available. Thus, AMG riders can experience even richer textures, as well as special touches that furnish an unmistakable sense of ultimate performance.

Interior storage isn’t as accommodating as might be expected. A number of small items can fit into the center console, and the trunk holds only 11 cubic feet.

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