2017 Mercedes-Benz CLS Walk Around

Nothing stays fresh and new for long in the premium auto world. After more than a decade on the market, design of the CLS still conveys a virtually timeless look. Even so, it’s about ready for a major reworking. Especially up front, the CLS has started to look a bit outmoded.

Highlights include the stretched-out, arching roof curve that dominates the CLS profile. Short overhangs at front and rear also intensify the sleek silhouette. Critics have scoffed at the use of a coupe designation for a four-door model, but the CLS really does express a coupe-like aura. Boldly original when introduced, the CLS design has found its way onto most other Mercedes-Benz vehicles.


Classic detailing blends with contemporary technology inside the CLS. Spacious and luxurious, fitted with fine leathers and woods, the impressively appointed CLS cabin complements its elegant exterior. Front seats are roomy and comfortable, with standard 14-way adjustment. In upper trim levels, active bolstering keeps occupants in place when cornering.

Two bucket seats also are installed in the rear, for four-passenger capacity. The four-door’s arched, coupelike roofline inevitably limits passenger room. Back-seat space is on the snug side, though only taller passengers are likely to be troubled.

Cargo volume also is somewhat restricted. Anyone who expects to carry more than one adult passenger on a regular basis might prefer to consider one of the conventionally-profiled four-door sedans instead.

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