2017 Mercedes-Benz GLC Walk Around

Wearing a body that’s related to the conventional C-Class sedan, the GLC is devoid of design cues that might suggest rugged, off-road experiences. Instead, it qualifies more as a tall wagon.

Compared to similar models from Mercedes-Benz and other automakers, the GLC body incorporates some almost-sensual shapes. Largely subtle in nature, they give the GLC a sense of charm that’s typically absent from utility-type vehicles. Differences between the GLC300 and GLC43 are largely limited to details, led by distinctive bumpers.

With its low sloping roof curvature, the Coupe version is basically a crossover wagon that lacks some of the utility of its conventional-body sibling.


Spacious and attractive, the GLC cabin is also quiet while underway. Road noise and other audible intrusions are largely subdued, though wind noise might be an issue.

Horizontal in overall orientation, the dashboard is split by a wide center console. Atop the center stack is the infotainment screen. Soft-touch materials and metallic instrument bezels convey a touch of elegance, helped by glossy wood trim.

Seats are gratifyingly roomy in front and rear, with ample space for adults and luggage. Side bolstering is modest in the GLC300, but more effective in the GLC43. A large adjustment range combines with extendable thigh bolsters to help reduce fatigue on longer journeys. Special GLC43 seats provide greater grip.

A relatively long wheelbase translates to greater rear legroom. Well-contoured seats are suitable for adults as well as youngsters. Passengers can enter easily, without acrobatic maneuvers. Three adults fit in back, provided they aren’t too broad in girth. Rearward views can be troubling, but the rearview camera helps.

Cargo volume totals 20.5 cubic feet behind the back seat of the SUV body style, whose liftgate opens high. Not surprisingly, cargo space is less expansive in Coupe models, especially for taller objects. Rear-seat headroom, excellent in the GLC300, sinks to average with the Coupe.

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