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The process of acquiring a new or pre-owned Mercedes-Benz should be an experience you'll long remember favorably. At Calstar Motors in Glendale, CA, that's exactly what it is. The specialists in our Finance Center are adept at presenting your financing options in a clear, cohesive way while helping you identify the financial strategy that best matches your objectives. They're also skilled in helping you gain the very best available financial package.

Some advantages of using an auto loan to acquire your Mercedes-Benz

In classic financial terms, a well-structured car loan has many benefits for the future owner of a Mercedes-Benz. You're making a real investment in one of the world's most highly-regarded automobiles, building equity every month toward a total cash value that can help you acquire your next car. With a loan term of a prudent length, you can more easily own your Mercedes-Benz and eliminate car payments entirely.

Some advantages of acquiring your next Mercedes-Benz with a lease

The most tangible and most popular advantage of a lease is the opportunity to have monthly payments that are - in most cases - lower than monthly payments would be for a car loan on the same vehicle. That, of course, can enhance your household's monthly cash flow, which may open doors for other purchasing opportunities in the future. In addition, leasing can allow you to easily move into another brand-new Mercedes-Benz every few years.

Your current vehicle is probably worth far more than you realize

As we're sure you're well aware, the global shortage of semiconductors used in car-making has led to a shortage new vehicles. That, in turn, has led people to turn to used cars, driving up the price of pre-owned cars to stratospheric levels. According to Fortune.com, the average used car price has risen an astonishing 45% over the past year. Let's consider the very positive implications of how much that raises the value of your car.

Discover the remarkably high value of your car from the comfort of home

Since the average used car has appreciated in value nearly 50% in communities like Burbank and Los Angeles, the chances are excellent that your car is worth more than you thought. To find out just how much it's worth – without driving to our dealership – fill out our Edmunds trade-in value tool. Not long after you complete the form, you'll get an immediate Edmunds appraisal and we predict you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Get qualified for financing now to save time later

It's a good idea to get a more precise idea of how much financing support you're qualified for, to help guide you as you shop for your next Mercedes-Benz. That's simple enough and, once again, you can get it handled easily without leaving home. Just fill out our financing application and you'll see how much of a loan or a lease you can be approved for.

We have many ways to make shopping and financing easier

If you'd like to acquire your next Mercedes-Benz from home, we've made that easy with our Calstar Express Sales program. You can select your vehicle, create your own personalized payment plan, get your trade-in value and arrange for delivery to your home. Want to order your ideal Mercedes-Benz while avoiding waiting lists and compromise? Find out how to Custom-Order your Mercedes through our dealership.

Of course, regardless of how sophisticated buying has become, we always value the chance to talk with you in person. We invite you to find a Mercedes-Benz you're intrigued with online, schedule a test drive and utilize the simple directions to our dealership. We look forward to welcoming you soon at Carlstar Motors in Glendale, CA.

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