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It Can Surpass Anything, Even Your Expectations: The Mercedes-Benz GLA

For 2021, the 2021 Mercedes-Benz GLA at Calstar Motors in Glendale, CA is new from the pavement up. Even with the smallest Mercedes GLA, it's an SUV that surrounds you in luxury. Admire the stylish new body. Sit back in the supportive, power-adjustable front seats. They're standard, and so are reclining rear seats. The steering wheel is stitched in supple leather. And imagine how much you can get done, safely, with a remarkably perceptive new voice assistant that learns how to respond to your commands. The entire Mercedes-Benz GLA is a welcome departure from the monotonous sameness that seems to characterize the world of conventional SUVs. Allow us to give you a tour.

It's Agile, Responsive and Eager to Please

From a tight turn as you drive around Burbank to a tight twist on a back country road, the GLA is fun to drive. Turbo power and a confident stance make it light on its feet. With independent strut/wishbone suspension in front, each wheel tackles bumps on its own for better handling and a smoother ride. The dual-clutch eight-speed transmission gives you a quicker automatic. Or, if you want to experience the original joy of driving, switch to the paddle-shifted manual transmission and take charge of the shifting yourself. A new generation of power delivers 221 turbo horses from a compact 2.0 liter engine. Its 258 pounds-feet of torque gives you rapid response over a wide range of rpm's.

The nimble, variable-torque 4MATIC® can send power from the front wheels to your rear wheels based on each tire's real-time grip. A suite of engineering features can enhance your off-road capability. With a more compact length, the new GLA gives you more space to ride and more room to stow whatever you're shopping for in Los Angeles. A power liftgate and 40/20/40 rear seats welcome your gear.

It's So Helpful, You Can Tell It What To Do

The Mercedes-Benz Voice Control system is a remarkably intelligent voice command system that lets you speak a wide range of hands-free requests to your GLA so you can accomplish tasks easily and safely. The "Hey Mercedes" voice assistant is part of Mercedes-Benz's MBUX, or Mercedes-Benz User Experience infotainment system. MBUX combines touchscreen controls, a center console mounted touchpad, touchpad controls on the steering wheel, and Artificial Intelligence powered voice controls. That system lets you customize your interaction with the MBUX system in any way you prefer. Instead of the distraction of pushing buttons, the voice command system allows you to get information immediately without typing.

Would you like to know what the weather is outside? This feature will be your personal meteorologist. Is it too chilly inside? You can simply say "Hey Mercedes, I'm cold," and it will change the A/C temperature for you. Need some coffee to start your day? Just say, "Hey Mercedes, I want some coffee," and you'll be directed to nearby coffee shops.

Inside: Two Screens to Keep You in Touch

A pair of 7-inch screens help keep you informed, entertained and in control. One screen is for gauges, and one is a touchscreen. The available 10.25-inch versions let you customize even more. Along with its own intelligent voice assistant, Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ are standard. Wireless charging is also available.

Mercedes-Benz GLA technology even lets you change the way you change lanes. Next-gen options help take the stress out of driving. Tap a turn signal to make a lane change. Adaptive cruise can help steer, slow down for exits, or ease the stop-and-go in traffic.

Not surprisingly, the power front seats in the Mercedes-Benz GLA come equipped with memory. Climate control is dual-zone and double-filtered. You can select the available power Panorama roof and even the sky feels bigger. Mercedes "Me Connect" makes your experience even better. You can remote-start, lock or check your car, or book service, all from your phone. Add in-car WiFi for up to eight devices for a low monthly rate.

Driving is Believing: Test Drive the Amazing 2021 Mercedes-Benz GLA Today

The written word can't begin to convey the convenience, command and sheer fun of driving the new Mercedes-Benz GLA. But a test drive can. Before you visit us, check out our special promotions. Then browse our entire inventory of new Mercedes-Benz vehicles and take advantage of the easy-to-follow directions to our dealership.Then get in touch with us today at Calstar Motors in Glendale, CA to schedule your own personal test drive.